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Best fishing spots in Central America

In one of our indigenous languages, Panama means «abundance of fish» and Panama lives up to its name. When the season for fishing one species ends, another begins.

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Panama offers several gold-class fishing areas, including Piñas Bay in eastern Panama, where many world records – 250 to be precise – have been set, more than anywhere else in the world, as well as in the Chiriqui Gulf and Coiba Island in western Panama.

You can find the best sports fishing areas in the Pacific Ocean around Coiba Island, Otoque Island, the las Perlas Archipelago, Piñas Bay, Pedasi, Taboga, Punta Coco and Punta Chame.

Tropic Star Lodge, located in a remote jungle area of ​​Darién, almost 150 nautical miles from Panama City, is one of the most exclusive and unique fishing destinations you will ever experience.

Fishing in Panama is good for beginners, enthusiasts and the most demanding experts.

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