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Much more than the Canal, Panama City is the most cosmopolitan, glamorous and modern city in Central America.

Panama City

An extremely international city, with almost 1.3 million inhabitants, where many cultures come together to give life to this vibrant city of luxurious skyscrapers. Panama is also known as a logistics and financial hub throughout the region, where thousands of companies carry out their operations in the Caribbean and Central America.

This multicultural city full of contrasts offers a huge variety of activities, where everyone can find something of interest.

Casco Viejo Panama

World Heritage

History, culture and a whole world of activities

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003, Casco Viejo is undoubtedly one of the most attractive areas of Panama City.

Casco Viejo has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city, with its small alleys, churches and squares, numerous sites of historical relevance and diverse museums.

Its beautiful colonial architectural style mixes Spanish, French and Neoclassical influences. With its wrought-iron balconies festooned with flowers it is the perfect setting for strolling and exploring unique handicraft shops, galleries, coffee shops where you can try our world-famous coffee, and enjoy a nice evening in elegant restaurants, clubs and roof-top bars.

Panama City Shopping

Treat yourself

One of the best shopping experiences in Latin America

Internationally recognized for a wide and select variety of products from all over the world, Panama City is the perfect place to take advantage of the huge variety of shopping centers and local stores spread throughout the city.

The closest shopping center to the Marina is Multiplaza Pacific Mall, located just 10 minutes from the Marina, where you will find many shops, offering from the most recognizable to the most exclusive and luxurious brands. You can also find a wide range of restaurants, a VIP cinema, for the most demanding moviegoers, and a Riba Smith, a well-known local supermarket chain where you can stock up on all kinds of national and imported foods.

In addition to this Mall located in the vicinity of the Marina, you can complete your exceptional shopping experience by visiting different fashion boutiques, jewelry stores, homewares and handicraft shops, dotted throughout various city neighborhoods such as San Francisco, the Business District, Casco Viejo or Costa del Este where you will find unique pieces that will become treasured memories of your stay in our country.

Panama City restaurants

For the most gourmet palate

A flourishing gastronomic scene

Besides the abundance of exquisite tropical fruits, Panama stands out for its gastronomic variety, the result of our diverse cultural heritage and the influence of the many nationalities who have found a home in our country.

With a universe of different cuisines, both national and international, visitors can enjoy anything from local specialties to the most exquisite and sophisticated international cuisine.

Worth noting the excellent quality and variety of its freshly caught seafood, you can sample at the Fish Market in the city center.

Memorable moments

Amazing nightlife

The tropical climate of the city creates the perfect setting for a unique night scene.

From beautiful rooftops from which to enjoy the views, to salsa bars, casinos, clubs or discos, this vibrant capital has an option for all lifestyles.

The main areas of the city to sample our nightlife are: Casco Viejo, where many of the best clubs and bars in the city are located, the Banking District and the Causeway, a road connecting an archipelago of 4 islands to the city.

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