Unlimited events

Something great is happening every day in Panama

Cultural events in Panama City are countless. From concerts, international conferences, fair events, national festivals, sport matches, fishing competitions… you could always find something to do in this country.

Some of the most relevant Panamanian festivals:

Festival de la Pollera

The Panamanian Pollera has its own festival in Las Tablas. Each July 22 a parade is organized, where all streets in the town is adorned by this traditional dresses worn by beautiful panamanian women.


Carnavales is the favorite festivity of panamanians. It is celebrated almost in the whole country. Most people go to Las Tablas, Chitré, Ocú, La Villa de Los Santos, Penonomé and Aguadulce to party.

It is an ideal party to have fun and to enter the Panamanian idiosyncrasy.

Feria de las Flores y el Cafe

As you may know, Panama has the best coffee in the world, and in Chiriqui they know how to celebrate this, with a special week at the beginning of January. All gardens in the city are embellished with flowers from all around the world.

Fiestas Patrias

Panama has a special month to celebrate the nation and its accomplishments. It is celebrated with school marching bands, playing traditional songs, dancing through different streets on the country.

Discover the native culture and thriving arts scene in Panama or attend an outdoor festival with a beautiful backdrop…

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