full-service Marina in Panama

8°57’54.7″N · 79°30’16.8″W

Located on the first, man-made residential islands in Latin America

With 153 wet slips, a modern fuel dock, and dedicated 24-hour staff, Ocean Reef Marina is the ultimate full-service marina for luxury sports fishing boats and super-yachts that combines exceptional services and amenities located in the hearth of a vibrant city where everything you can imagine is possible.

The Marina’s wet slips accommodate vessels ranging from 12 to 60 meters (40 to 200 feet) in length in a port which is well protected by the two surrounding islands. Boaters can also benefit from our dry storage service accessed using our drive-on boat lift system to house vessels measuring between 6 to 12 meters (20 and 40 feet) and weighing up to 23,000 pounds, free from the inconvenience of low tides or continuous maintenance, to cover all your needs and expectations.

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Panama canal Marina

a bridge between two oceans


Ocean Reef marina and Yacht Club provides the perfect base to explore the unique and rich history of Panama with endless opportunities for water sports of all kind.

Located near the iconic Panama Canal, Ocean Reef Marina & Yacht Club is the premium stop over for transit vessels looking to experience the lifestyle and unique amenities of a world class Marina.

Live the wildest nature
just around the big city

Panama is a nature lover’s paradise. It is surrounded by jungle and rainforest. You can enjoy mountain landscapes, sunny beaches and exciting trails near the city.

full-service Marina in Panama

Greatness is possible

through excellence

Excellence is evident in every detail from the obvious to the smallest which has enabled us to link up with the best partners and suppliers for the Marina, because only the best can provide the highest lifestyle.